12/10/2012 – Workshop by the institution “Dionysis Paschalis” and the municipality Dion-Olympus, Friday, Oct. 12 for “breast cancer – prevention and treatment “

Press conference given to reporters at noon Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, in the former town hall Kontariotissa. The interview gave the Mayor City – Olympus George Papathanasiou, along with professors of medicine at the University of Thessaloniki.

1. Mr.Tantanasis Theocharis

Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Obstetrics and Gynecology B. AUTH.

2. Mr.Fachantidis Epaminondas.

Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Aristotle University.

President of the Greek Early diagnosis and treatment to breast cancer.

3. Mrs. Yota Sasopoulou

Surgeon specializing in breast and Doctor of AUTH.

4. Mr. George Karras

Representative Charitable Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis.”

At the press was reporting:

a) For the seminar organized by the institution “Dionysis Paschalis’ and the municipality Dion-Olympos, Friday, Oct. 12 for” breast cancer – prevention and treatment, “the program. KONTARIOTISSA hall at 7.00 in the evening.

b) For the notes will be given to women for the municipality of Dion Olympos in order to conduct free breast exams. The exam will take place in medical diagnostic centers of Katerini and the expenses will be covered from the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis.”

It should be noted that free mammograms scheduled to take place normally in the order of priority of appointments that are booked by phone in the municipality.

While noting that women who indicated interest Mammography is hundreds.

Entry forms have been completed since the first phase was completed in the number (450 women will do the next day mammography and the special coupon will receive from the municipality Dion – Olympus, completely free and without hassle) since according to statements by the President of the Foundation “Paschalis Dionysis” Mr. Dionysis Paschalis, will follow soon next campaign assistance to socially and economically weaker groups of the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis.”

Both the workshop and the free mammograms done in the screening program, “Help the fellow men” and is a creation and supply of the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis.”

The foundation, in this way, expresses his support for sufferers and vulnerable groups of Greek society, especially now in the midst of economic crisis.

Desert Oasis then this initiative the Foundation and let others exemplified and offering a helping hand to our fellow man.

As long as such activities of people, Love and Mutual …. There is hope!!

Reporters: Mary Valsamidou

For Dionysus Radio 89.2

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