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The Foundation Dionysis Paschalis, has implemented a program of Social Solidarity “Help the neighbor”, which seeks to contribute to the relief of vulnerable groups of Greek society, which suffer more from the effects of the current economic crisis prevailing in the country our. The program aims to relieve the victims who, because of social, economic and geographical factors lacking basic facilities. It fosters and any movement and activity implemented by hospitals, clinics and nursing from Holy Dioceses and Parishes, by local authorities and by institutions that are active in the field of social welfare and health care. Objectives of the program “Help the neighbor” are:

1) Support for needy families in cooperation with the body of the Church, or local government, providing some time for food, clothing, heating, and meet other basic needs to families experiencing poverty or organizing occasional actions food aid primarily in remote areas (rural, insular).

2) The rent a space from the respective municipality or local authorities for hosting the homeless and the subsequent securing of basic needs (food, heating, etc.)

3) Provide services to older people living alone or destitute elderly, strengthening programs “Help the House” and “Social Welfare” with manpower and medical equipment, ensuring them the elderly needy fellow citizens, decent living conditions continuing to live near their loved ones, and avoiding institutionalization and institutionalization.

4) Support and maintenance of Open Care Centres for the Elderly (KAPI) manning them with the necessary specialized medical, nursing and ancillary staff, and the necessary technological equipment to meet the IT and secretarial needs, to enable them to operate freely and offer its services to as many seniors with the goal of improving their living conditions.

5) Maintenance of rural clinics and supplying all kinds of medical appliances and instruments and consumables pharmaceutical or related items necessary for the proper and complete practice run.

6) Provision of medical equipment in public hospitals, clinics and hospitals manning them with high-tech equipment and modern tools to work against the standards of international scientific data. Create mobile donation units mainly in remote areas where the need is greatest.

7) Strengthen the orphanages by providing each type of equipment (eg, installation of air conditioning, heating oil, etc.)

8) Conferences, seminars or training courses with multidisciplinary advisory staff in order to inform the economically weak groups in remote areas on various topics (theater, psychology, medicine, music, etc.).

9) Continued operation of kindergartens and schools threatened with closure in mountainous areas allowing them to heat in winter and their equipment (furniture, reference or educational books, teaching aids, toys, sporting facilities, a playground, etc.) to facilitate the educational efforts of educators.

10) Create and maintain a library for children and adolescents, with a view not only the simple lending of books and the accumulation of knowledge, but rather the development of child’s personality

11) The organization and strengthening of educational and entertainment activities that contribute to physical and mental health of the economically weak groups, or educational and professional advancement. (For example, visiting a theater, watch a movie, organizing a formative trip, a cultural event with dance bands, etc.) in collaboration with the respective local authority.

12) The organization, notice and provide scholarships to distinguished students, students or graduate students or abroad who do not have sufficient financial resources to meet the costs of education (eg ensuring residence to their education, or even strengthen the professional establishment, after the completion of their studies, etc). The foundation “Dionysis Paschalis’ not facing the scholarship as” financial aid “but as a reward and encourage young children despite the difficulties trying to overcome the common measure and discriminates against their racing ethos. Indicatively article sponsored scholarships to girls and boys of Pieria.

“The grant scholarships to students and students offered by the institution” DionysisPaschalis, “deputy mayor praised Dion-Olympus George medicine. Mr. George Farmakis featured Mr. Dionysis as “Man of the offer”, because as he said to his sponsor, he decided through his foundation to offer scholarships to students and students who excelled last year. And note that this is a first step to sensitize people and others to give the example of the contribution, solidarity and humanity. ”

13) Providing computers (schools, clubs, schools, etc.) in remote areas and creating children’s and adult sections with the appropriate school staff and the appropriate software programs for handling and learning. They are providing the introductory computing courses character among its members. The offer is intended to assist, where possible, elimination of technological literacy, encouraging people of all ages to get friendly contact with computers and skill in the use of electronic services available today.

14) For people without work, be it for new entrants to the labor market (especially those with low skills), or for those who have lost their jobs (especially those over 45 years), living in remote areas where few the job opportunities the “Help the neighbor” includes activities such as training and retraining of personnel specialized scientific, educational internships in private companies to develop skills that will meet the identified needs of local businesses that will hire them.

15) Protect the environment by organizing workshops on environment and ecology, placing recycling bins and debris but also through strengthening services (eg fire with professional equipment) in places where forests, nature and rare species of animals and endangered plants.

16) Ensuring that private foreign language school or tutoring of third school for children whose families can not afford to provide their

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