President’s message

The founder of the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis”, Mr. Dionysis Paschalis, is spat of people who were struggling to survive. Born in Pieria and not coming from the upper layers of felt and saw small the effort and struggle of the common man to meet his daily needs. He saw the anguish in the eyes of these people, every time the illness or some other difficult situation raised before them. There were even a few times where he participated in them.

Growing up then, concern was where he could and as he could to smooth these difficult situations for these people, mainly trying to give the possibility, in a single breadwinner to have the same treatment from various bodies, which had a cost robust.

Through his foundation wants to implement his vision, consistent with keeping its promise to stand by and assist where it perceives that there is a need. The availability of financial resources are to promote education and health, and protecting the environment.

Surely an institution resources are insufficient to meet the ever growing needs of society and certainly one charitable organization can not replace the presence and role of the State. But if our fellowmen and others listen to the voice assistance emitting society, our future will be better for us and our children. The “Love one another” to be learned every day by the Church, let him be the driving force of our actions to help the Greek society to stand.

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