Event in Litochoro for the anniversary of October 28

October 28, 2012

Event Litochoro on the anniversary of October 28

In the presence of the Olympic weightlifting MP Pyrros Dimas, representatives of the institution “Dionysis Paschalis,” representatives of local government and local authorities, the local community Litochorou D.Diou Olympus-made homage and remembrance saga of 40′s.

The event took place at a meeting of dancing municipality where presented to the public dances, last Saturday, October 27 at the gymnasium “Pyrros Dimas.”

Moreover, representatives of the institution “Dionysis Paschalis’ honored three athletes municipality Dio-Olympos qualifiers the 5th world championship sport pankration be held in Laconia.

The event was under the auspices of the municipality Dio-Olympos while sponsors were hotel «Mediterranean» Coast Kallithea Katerini, but Hera Energy (renewable energy) in the industrial area Litohoro. Also, as announced, the foundation “Dionysis Paschalis” undertook the cost of attending the three athletes in world sport pankration championship.


Followed the mayor’s speech Dion-Olympus George Papathanasiou, who, among other things said: “These celebrations and memories are not just for the story but should trouble us, should make us think.”

Concluding his speech, Mr. Papathanasiou said that three athletes participating in the municipality Dion-Olympos pankration championship in world sport: “I would like from this podium to congratulate the coach and athletes and wish them to be discriminatory. I would also like to thank the Foundation of Dionysis Paschalis is patron and supporter in these children and help them to participate in the 5th World Championship. ”


Mr. George Karras, a representative of the institution “Dionysis Paschalis’ welcomed the event and read a message from the President of the institution:” The President of the Foundation, Mr. Dionysis Paschalis, due to prior commitments, unfortunately was unable to attend the event, despite but nevertheless would like to convey our best wishes. ”

In his message, Mr. Dionysis Paschalis said: “Firstly, I want to thank first and foremost athletes, actors with distinct strengths, indicating” present “to the call of the games through which they will have the opportunity to unleash , once again, their great abilities.

I congratulate the parents with patience and perseverance are daily mainstay in the arena of life and sportsmanship. Coaches who make every day hard work for success of athletes.

And finally, I want to congratulate the President and the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association of Educational and Cultural Pangratiou sport, to promote and raise the sport again, whose roots are very deep and Greek.

I wish you all every success both on the field and the rest of their lives “.


Speeches and Mr. Vasilis Vasilopoulos, emeritus professor of AUTH and general secretary of the body peer professors Northern Greece: ‘One vision, a realization, a charitable foundation. Indeed, over the vision of love, compassion and solidarity launched the charitable Foundation “Dennis Paschalis.”

With this vision forged his principles and beliefs. Motto has ypiretein. Unconditional offer services for others without looking forward to viewing or discrimination. Expresses its full support to vulnerable groups and those suffering in our society with the unceasing help offered. Certainly not neglect to point out, exaggerating and even to reward acts that refer to areas of human activity.

Thus continuing to society decided to reward the athletes of the club “Alki” who participated in the National Championship Pangratiou Sport on 8/4/2012 held in Ano Liossia Olympic Hall and managed to discrimination to qualify for the 5th World Championships will be held from 16 to 18 November at the Indoor Stadium Vlachioti Laconia.

The athletes are: Mary FOLIA, champion Greece, for the third consecutive year of Karitsa received gold medal in girls (14-15 years)-69kg.

Ioannis Papageorgiou-Siamitras from Litochoro, who took silver medal in adolescents (16-17 years)-62kg.

And Catherine – Rafaela Tsiourli from Litochoro, who took silver medal in girls (14-15 years)-52kg.

For you vravefesthe now, I can tell you that it is not enough simply to refer your performance or even give you a prize.

It awarded praise you in public and you daktylodeiktoumenoi as Lucian says: “Praise the spectators and despite the episimotaton happen and deiknysthai ring attached, excellent it is.”

It should be noted that the awards were from athletes from the two representatives of the institution “Dionysis Paschalis” while the president of the municipal community Litochorou, Dimitri Andreas, gave a symbolic gift to the foundation of “Dionysis Paschalis’ for his contribution to the municipality and beyond place.

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