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Athletic educational cultural club sport pankration Dion Pieria

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Theodoridis family

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15/11/2012 – Dionysis Paschalis visit to the Maritime Museum of Litochoro

Visit of Dionysis Paschalis and the Board Representation institution “Paschalis Dionysis”

Maritime Museum Litohoro – Public Benefit Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis’

Maritime Museum of San Litochorou on November 15, 2012 we had the opportunity for a first acquaintance with the charitable Foundation “Dionysis A. Paschalis. “

Specifically we visited: Mr.Dionysis Paschalis, Mr. Vasilios Vasilopoulos (Emeritus Professor of Aristotle University and secretary of the body peer teachers Northern Greece) and Mr. George Karras economist.

President – Secretary-General and Head of Finance respectively Foundation “Dionysis A. Paschalis. “

Guided by the President and Board Member main Vlachopoulo Nikolaos Triantafyllou principal John.

A discussion ensued as to find ways to support further upgrading – and promotion of the Maritime Museum Litohoro. I admit I was a frank discussion with several emotional moments for the role they are to play, both charities, and the museums as vehicles of cultural heritage in order to alleviate the human suffering of all kinds and not break the social fabric of our race of Greekness Tut difficult time passing the home.

We agreed on specific and targeted actions.

Announcements will be made when both sides will reach the stage of implementation.

Finally I want to congratulate the Board of N.M.Litochorou and myself for the work done by the Foundation quietly.

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Volunteer Department Katerini, the Greek Red Cross

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Event in Litochoro for the anniversary of October 28

October 28, 2012

Event Litochoro on the anniversary of October 28

In the presence of the Olympic weightlifting MP Pyrros Dimas, representatives of the institution “Dionysis Paschalis,” representatives of local government and local authorities, the local community Litochorou D.Diou Olympus-made homage and remembrance saga of 40′s.

The event took place at a meeting of dancing municipality where presented to the public dances, last Saturday, October 27 at the gymnasium “Pyrros Dimas.”

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Primary School of Kontariotissa

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16/10/2012 – Huge success had the event for the prevention of breast cancer

Huge success had the event for the prevention of breast cancer Friday 12/10/2012 at the former city hall Dion Kontariotissa on the initiative of the Foundation “D.Paschalis.”

* In the conference were teachers and other specialists to prevent and treat breast cancer.


The women who said they got their names voucher providing free mammography in a diagnostic center of Katerini

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Municipality Diou – Olimpou

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Greeece is full on benefactors!

In this photo is DIONYSIS PASCHALIS with the former Minister Angela Gerekou

At the press conference of the City of Dion Olympus for the conference against breast cancer will be Friday in Kontariotissa and the feasibility of free mammography – clinical trials where women will have more than 40 years during the weekend of October 12 to October 14 at former City Hall area, gave a press conference jointly by the Municipality, the Foundation “DIONYSIS PASCHALIS” and scientists will participate in the workshop! Bravo and the Mayor and the Board of Directors and to all those who envisioned and to implement a specific action.

Eventually Greece hasn’t run out of benefactors. Dionysis Paschalis is in Pieria!!

12/10/2012 – Workshop by the institution “Dionysis Paschalis” and the municipality Dion-Olympus, Friday, Oct. 12 for “breast cancer – prevention and treatment “

Press conference given to reporters at noon Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, in the former town hall Kontariotissa. The interview gave the Mayor City – Olympus George Papathanasiou, along with professors of medicine at the University of Thessaloniki. Read more →

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