22/9/2012 – 10th Day of Peasant

Attention and great interest for the location of Pieria showed once again at Saturday afternoon, from the President of the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis,” Mr.Dionysis Paschalis, who participated, together with eminent persons from various parts of Greece , events that have taken place in the 10th Exhibition of Agricultural Products and Agricultural Technology in Karitsa. Mr. Paschalis, who through his foundation, but also personally supports many activities in Pieria and often away from the lights of publicity actually helps them.

The President of the Foundation “Dionysis Paschalis,” Mr. Dionysis Paschalis, at the invitation of the municipality Dio-Olympos was honored by the presence of the 10th Exhibition of Agricultural Products and Agricultural Technology, held for another year Karitsa of Pieria .

Accompanied by prominent persons even Mr. Paschalis Dionysis attended primary school Karitsa the workshop held in celebration of the farmer on the future of Greek agriculture and the new KAP2014-2020.

Mr. Paschalis welcomed at the venue of the meeting Deputy Mayor Dion-Olympus, Mr. Peter Kiafas.

Recognizing the personal contribution in support of this institution, and many more actions overall in Pieria, special mention for Mr. Paschalis made the chairman of the municipal council Dion-Olympus, George Kotoula, thanking him for his continuous bid.

Immediately after Mr. Paschalis Dionysis found on the official guests at the stadium Karitsa, where the inauguration of the 10th exhibition of agricultural products and agricultural technology .. Special mention to the assistance of Mr. Paschalis did the Deputy Mayor Dion-Olympus, Mr. Peter Kiafas.

Mr. Paschalis, with prestigious guests, stayed at the venue of the exhibition and during the artistic program . The singer Phyllis Pyrgaki, personally thanked him from the scene of the event, while himself Mr. Paschalis, respecting the traditional singer greeted personally.

There are small numbers of Pieris who know very well that Mr. Dionysis Paschalis not stop to support and assist the region, such as when asked to do so. And still more those who are quick to thank Mr. Dionysis Paschalis that apart from his support through his institution, not as a person fails to perceive that helps where needed.

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